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About me and this blog

If you read this you probably already know me in real life or from one of my social media pages, but I still want to take my time to fully introduce myself on here. My name is Finja Charlotta Ohm, I’m currently 17 years old (turning 18 in November) and live in Cologne, Germany. I have just graduated from High School this summer and as I didn’t want to go to University right away I decided to take a gap year in order to experience something new and relax from the last 11 years of school.

I have already been abroad while still in High School as part of an exchange year in Nova Scotia, Canada during 10th grade. Ever since I came back from Canada, I decided that I wanted to go abroad again after school, to learn a new language, to adapt to a new culture and to live in a totally different country than Germany. As my graduation came closer and closer I looked into different organizations and programs to decide where I wanted to spend my gap year. My best friend and I soon stumbled across different volunteering programs around the continent of Africa and finally decided to spend 7 months together in Mtwara, Tanzania as a volunteer in a kindergarten. We will start this journey in January 2019 and as the next few months are going to be something completely new and different for me I decided to capture my memories not only with my camera but also with this blog.

I haven’t decided what kind of things of my life I’m going to share on here, but besides my experiences in Tanzania, I will definitely try to post something of my life and my experiences before and after being in Tanzania.

I hope you guys will enjoy this blog and will keep following this journey on here with me.

See you soon, Finja

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  • Also ich schreibe dir hier auf deutsch weil ihh gerade aufgewacht bin und keine Lust habe zu überlegen

    Dein Blog ist ästhetisch äußerst ansprechend und dein Blog Post ist sehr schön und verständlich formuliert ❤️

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