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I’m back!

After being absent on this blog for over one year now I can finally say that I’m back! Well, at least I am trying to. But to explain myself first, why exactly haven’t I been on here for so long? Well, most likely because I prioritized different things in my life.

First, I was busy enjoying my time in Tanzania and making the best out of the few months being there. Coming back to Germany in August I had to deal with a huge reversed culture shock for much longer than I wanted and expected to. In September/ October I moved out into my very first own apartment, away from my parents to Saarbrücken, Germany. And in October I finally started to go to University to study International Tourism Management. The first few months alone in a completely new city that I had never been to before and now suddenly lived in were quite rough to say the least. But I finally feel like I have arrived in Saarbrücken and can say that I have found the right people to be around with.

In February I finished my first semester after three weeks of very stressful exams and decided to go back to Tanzania during my break in March. Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak in Europe I had to leave Tanzania a few weeks earlier to get back to Germany, self-isolate from everyone else and prepare for my upcoming semester in university that will start with at least one month of – most likely very chaotic – online classes.

So now you know what I’ve been up to the past year, but despite all of that I did not forget about this blog; in fact, it has been on my mind long enough to update you guys as well as finish writing about my experiences in Tanzania. And what better time is there then right now, while having to stay at home anyways?

So, my goal in the next few weeks, or however long it will take for our lives to be somewhat normal again, is to start off where I left last year and bring this blog up to date again.

However, before I start updating you about last years experiences, I would like to talk about my last few weeks in Tanzania, coming back to Germany a couple weeks earlier due to the Coronavirus and trying to adjust to the current situation. But more about this in my next post.

See you later,


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